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Product Docs & Links

Parts Lists:

Print and use these worksheets manually for your quantity list. Later clicking on the Component will take you to the correct item in the Shopping Cart.

Pop Up Sprinklers parts list

Garden Sprinklers parts list

Low Density Pipe & Fittings parts list

Pressure Pipe & Fittings parts list

Controls parts list




Instruction video for using fittings for Pressure Poly Pipe

Instruction video for using Thread Seal Tape (Plumbers Teflon Tape)


Sprinklers & Nozzles

Adjustment instructions for Rain Bird adjustable non-rotating nozzle

Adjustment instructions for Rain Bird 3500 pop-up sprinkler

Adjustment instructions for Rain Bird 5000 pop-up sprinkler

Instruction video for adjusting Rain Bird adjustable (non-rotating) nozzles

Instruction video for adjusting Rain Bird residential rotating pop-up sprinklers

Pop-up Sprinkler on swing arm installation page. Note that your pipework trench doesn't have to be as deep when using Swing Arms (less blisters).


Solenoid Valves & low voltage cable connecting

Installation guide for Rain Bird DV Solenoid Valve

Wiring diagram example for low voltage Cable to Solenoid Valves

Valves installed in Valve Box example page

Instruction video for using low voltage gel-filled Cable Joiners

Troubleshooting guide for Rain Bird DVF Solenoid Valve



Instructions for Rain Bird ESP expandable Controller

Instructions for Rain Bird ESP RZ Controller

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