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Kit for 4 station automatic Control; contains Controller, auto Valves, Valve box, LV cable, Pipe fittings, but no pipe


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Automatic Control section of your watering system (see Components View drawing). Pressure Pipe components from Tap to sprinkler pipe fitting at the auto on/off Valves outlet, and powerpoint ready Control Box through to your low voltage auto on/off Valves.

Includes 4 station auto Rainbird Controller, 24Vac low voltage cable x 10mt, cable joiners, extra Tap and fittings connection, regulation Town water residential backflow prevention Valve, Pressure Pipe x 10mt, Pressure Pipe fittings, Valve manifold, 4 x auto low voltage 24Vac Solenoid Valves, 4 x connection to 19mm sprinkler Pipe, Plumbers Thread Tape.

If more Pressure Pipe fittings are required, got to Pressure Pipe Fittings in our Shopping Cart.

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