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Pop-up sprinkler, 6mt – 10mt radius, rotating single jet, Rainbird 5000 with 15mm female thread, c/w full Nozzle Set


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4.0 → 16.0 Lt/min for nozzle nos. 1.0 → 4.0; Gear-driven sprinkler with 100mm Pop and adjustable angle (arc) between 40º & 360º; This sprinkler’s adjusted throw is to comfortably land on the next sprinkler’s head.

Best method of installation is by using the Tee or Elbow with the female thread, and the 200mm x 15mm Swing Arm (requires more digging than the 150mm version, but gives more opportunity for better sprinkler positioning).

Also advise using the Tool for the Rainbird sprinkler adjustments, even though you can get by without it.



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