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Stake & Tube, thinner stake, 4mm barb joiner


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This is probably the best Stake & Tube we’ve ever had in our actual / physical Shop, but there is sprinkler fitting technique. No heads breaking off, no tube coming off joiner, no tube kinks.

Problems with incorrect techniques:

  1. Pull tube out through top of bracket, screw sprinkler in, and water pressure will force sprinkler out (especially on a hot day when tube gets soft).
  2. Screw sprinkler into tube inside bracket, and sprinkler will probably push tube through as you go, so you won’t get a decent attachment and water pressure will force sprinkler out.

Correct technique: Ensure tube is level with top of surrounding bracket, grab tube and stake by the throat (under the bracket) so the tube cant’s slip through when screwing in the Sprinkler, then screw in the Sprinkler. Being that you’re screwing into tube rather than cutting a thread into a plastic head, you can actually turn the Sprinkler that little bit further for better angle alignment.


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