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Kit of 4mt – 7mt radius Pop-up Sprinklers; Contains 4 x gear-driven pop-ups, nozzle sets, pipe & fittings.


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If you’re not sure where to start with lawn sprinklers, then a Sprinkler Kit will get you going. Refer to our sprinkler layout page (diagram 3 will be most relevant to a start-up kit), then select the kit to suit.

This kit contains 4 x Rainbird 3500 pop-up sprinklers c/w 6 nozzle rack for each sprinkler, 50mt coil of 19mm pipe, fittings for pop-ups, pipe fittings, assorted Garden Tap / water connection fittings, and 20 x clamps for pipe fittings.

Better watering Tip: Watering from an edge and throwing into an area using your adjustable angle sprinklers is better than one run of full circle (360º) sprinklers down the middle of an area, and space your sprinklers no further apart than their required throw. For example, if your sprinkler is to throw 5mt, then your next sprinkler should be less than 5mt away. Further apart will give a much reduced result.

The 4 sprinklers in this Kit may even work all at once form the end of a garden hose if using either the # 0.75 or # 1.0 nozzles (see our sprinkler info page for the Rainbird 3500 sprinkler). If you can’t run everything at once using the nozzles you have chosen for the distance you require, you will have to break your sprinkler runs into 2 or more groups (see our simple bucket test flow calculation in the flow rate section of our DIY guidance page).

Installation is easy: Decide on your sprinkler positions, dig your pipe trench from your water source to the furthest sprinkler location, select the relevant water connection fitting to connect your 19mm sprinkler pipe, roll out Pipe and connect sprinklers, clamp pipe to fittings, turn on the water, adjust sprinkler angles and distances.

If splitting is required, do a search in our shopping cart on items 10295 & 10290.

Finally, sit back and watch your yard being watered while you relax!

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