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Advantages Of Automatic Irrigation

If you’re considering installing garden or lawn sprinklers, aside from the obvious benefit of reducing how much time you have to spend maintaining your garden, you may be wondering what other advantages of an automatic irrigation system you can expect.

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A well-laid out watering system can be a very conservative and controlled method of keeping your selected gardens or lawns alive during long hot and dry weather spells. They can then also be turned down or completely off during dormant growth or wet times.

If you don’t have a watering system you can try your best to keep your yard well-watered or you can just let it succumb to the elements. Many of us though, have invested significantly to plant our yards well and keep our properties looking nice. Seeing our plants and lawns dying not only makes our gardens a less enjoyable place to spend time but means even more investment down the road to replace plants that have died.

With an effective watering system in place, you will reap some of the following advantages of automatic irrigation systems and also potentially keep your water bill down:

  • Evenly cover a lawn or garden with a small amount of water just to give it a drink. A bit like humans, a small amount of water is better than none. Simplified, watering for a short time uses less water than watering for a longer time when comparing the same sprinklers over the same area.
  • Select only areas that they want to keep alive.
  • Select only areas that they want to keep useable.
  • Select areas that they want to just keep looking good for their own pleasurable way of combatting the draining feeling of the constant heat & dryness.
  • Water the whole yard using smaller doses to keep everything alive but not necessarily lush.

If you require assistance with installation of your garden or lawn sprinklers after you have purchased them through our shop, Designer Watering Systems works with 3 installation contractors who you can call on: