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Lawn Tips For Early Autumn (March to early April)

Summer can be harsh on lawns with general wear and tear, heatwave and sometimes drought conditions. Early Autumn is a great time to repair the damages caused by the ravages of Summer and prepare your Lawn using the following tips to help get through Winter in readiness for Spring. Remove weeds. They will take over…

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5 Key Sprinkler Irrigation Advantages

sprinkler spray on garden | sprinkler irrigation advantages | Designer Watering Systems

Being a garden lover and dealing with the unpredictable nature of the Australian climate can be frustrating. One minute it can be bucketing down and your garden is looking healthy, green and lush and the next you can see no rain for weeks, your lawn starts to go brown and your plants start to wilt.…

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A Quick Guide To Garden Irrigation Systems DIY

garden irrigation systems diy | Designer watering

Basic Rules When looking to to install garden or lawn sprinklers yourself, we take you back to basics on garden irrigation systems DIY. So what’s the first things that you need to do? Garden Irrigation Systems DIY Do your Bucket Test to determine how much water is available for use (see below). You will not…

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Advantages Of Automatic Irrigation

brown lawn vs green lawn | advantages of automatic irrigation system | Designer Watering Systems

If you’re considering installing garden or lawn sprinklers, aside from the obvious benefit of reducing how much time you have to spend maintaining your garden, you may be wondering what other advantages of an automatic irrigation system you can expect. A well-laid out watering system can be a very conservative and controlled method of keeping…

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