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Lawn Tips For Early Autumn (March to early April)

Summer can be harsh on lawns with general wear and tear, heatwave and sometimes drought conditions.

Early Autumn is a great time to repair the damages caused by the ravages of Summer and prepare your Lawn using the following tips to help get through Winter in readiness for Spring.

  • Remove weeds. They will take over when grass grows slower in the cooler months.
  • De-thatch with a garden rake to remove build-up of dead grass, especially in buffalo, kikuyu and couch lawns.
  • Aerate the lawn with a garden fork, aerating spike shoes, or you can hire a coring machine suitable for home gardens.
  • Worn and bare areas should be scraped or roughed-up then over-sown with lawn seed matching or similar to your existing grass type. Dust with top soil and apply a seaweed solution weekly for 1 month.
  • Mow higher by 2 notches to allow more light on more leaf for better photosynthesis and less room for weeds.
  • Top dress if required with a suitable soil mix, then water entire lawn area to settle the topdressing.
  • Fertilise with All Purpose Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser’.
  • Water less frequently and in the morning now, to lessen potential  fungal problems.

Key items:

Weed Control: Methoxone D selective herbicide, 1 Litre

Rake for de-thatching; Steel

Aerating spike shoes or 4 Tyne Fork, St/steel & Timber                       

Lawn Builder w/- slow release fertiliser, 4kg     

Grass seed mix, Qld blend, 3kg                          

Fertiliser Spreader Trolley:
EvenGreen (drop)                                              
EasyGreen (broadcast)       

Call in and see us today to pick up all that you need.